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    Hotel Jama´can Colors  
Welcome to Jamaica



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Scuba Diving


The complex consists of: a reception, a house with views of sea and mountain,  bungalows sea and swimming pool view, a bar,   a swimming pool, a pool table and relaxation area near the cliffs.



House accommodates 2 to 6 persons




        All  rooms are equiped with hot water, fans and               110 /220V outlets.

Bungalows, double rooms, bathroom, terrace


We also have:

THE BAR where you will be able to taste various jamaican cocktails.

THE BARBECUE: all your meals will be served to you straight from the bbc.

THE SWIMMING POOL 50m3 with 30░ C.


The hotel is located between two villages: manchioneal, a small fishing village and


Long bay, the most beautiful beach of the East coast.

To reach the hotel from the airport, you will have to take the road A4, direction Yallah then Morant Bay and to follow Manchioneal. You must turn right 6km after leaving the village.




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               Hotel JamaicanColors Long Bay Jamaica